Tommy Ford Construction is a third generation, family-owned and operated home builder. Tommy Ford Construction has been recognized by DHome magazine as one of Dallas’ premier home builders for the past fifteen years.  Tommy Ford Construction was recently honored with a “Best Builders Legacy Award”.  This award recognizes builders that have been named a DHome Best Builder for 15 consecutive years.


Tommy Ford Construction was founded by Tommy in 1965 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Corey Ford currently heads all construction operations for the company.  Corey has been heavily involved in all facets of the business since 1982. Corey is a third-generation builder, learning the trade from his father, Tommy Ford, who learned the trade from his father, Earle Ford.  In 2012, Corey along with his sister, Jana, purchased the business from Tommy.  This allowed Tommy the freedom to do some fishing and traveling.  While Tommy is not at the office every day, many days you can find him on the job site sharing his knowledge and scrutinizing even the smallest details.

Luxury Home Builder Dallas Who We Are TommyOur Founder

Tommy Ford

Tommy Ford Construction was founded in 1965 in Vernon, Texas. Tommy spent many years working in the oil field, but wanted to get back to what he loved, which was building homes. He began working out of his truck and took on whatever jobs he could to support his family. After several years working in Vernon and the surrounding area, he and his family moved to Amarillo, Texas, in 1969. He continued to grow the business. During his time in Amarillo, he met a client that became a life-long friend.  With that friendship, Tommy began to understand that personal attention to every client would be a cornerstone on which to build this business. Throughout the years, Tommy Ford Construction has been honored to do many projects for that client. Tommy is an Honored Life Director for the Dallas Builders Association, the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.  He won the Hugh Prather Award – the highest award given by the Dallas Builders Association – in 2002. He also was named Philanthropist of the Year for the Texas Association of Builders in 2009, received that organization’s highest honor – the Ted Schlossman Lifetime Achievement Award – in 2012 and their  – Presidential Distinguished Service Award – in 2014. Tommy also received the Ron Connally Award of Excellence in 2019 from the Texas Builders Foundation. Tommy is a founding member of the Texas Builders Foundation, which in an effort to support the future of the Texas building industry, provides college scholarships to students pursuing a degree related to residential construction. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Builders Foundation.

Luxury Home Builder Dallas Who We Are CoreyOur Owner

Corey Ford

In 1982, Corey Ford began taking on a larger role within the company. Corey grew up working with his dad, and after a stint working in the automotive industry, he returned and began working with Tommy. They have been working together for almost 40 years. Corey has always loved the complexity of the construction business. Not only the physical work but also how to give the client the home they dream of within their budget. Corey enjoys the collaboration and teamwork that results from his work as a liaison between his customers and the entire construction team. Corey and Tommy have worked side by side building some of the most prestigious homes in Texas. Through their teamwork, the company has grown and has been recognized by their peers in Dallas as one of the “Best Builders” for the past 15 years. Corey is an Honored Life Director of the Dallas Builders Association. He is also a member of the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.

Luxury Home Builder Dallas Who We Are JanaOur Owner

Jana Ford McAllister

In 2000, Jana Ford McAllister, joined the company as the office manager. While Jana had worked part-time at the company while studying education in college, she began her career teaching in 1985. In 2000, Jana felt a calling to rejoin the family business. Jana’s focus is the business side of the company.  She is passionate about keeping all business operations streamlined to ensure the best bottom line and a transparent experience for clients. Jana serves as a Trustee for the Texas Builders Foundation.  She is the chairperson of the scholarship committee and works alongside Tommy to ensure students have funds to pursue certifications/degrees in the field of residential construction. Jana is also a member of the Dallas Builders Association, Texas Association of Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders.